The Publisher

Bassam Freiha is the Chief Executive Officer of Dar Assayad Group, devoting much of his time managing the operations of the group’s eleven publications with a keen eye on the latest state-of-the-art developments in the field of IT. Particularly remarkable is the fact that under his guidance Dar Assayad, became the forerunner of specialized publications which have become common in the Middle East . Despite being a constant traveler, in fact a symbol of the international corporate manager, Mr. Freiha is abreast of all developments and trends across a wide range of interests in the fields of publishing and printing, both traditional and digital.

Dar Assayad’s Publishing House

The Dar Assayad building was constructed in the Hazmieh district of Beirut in 1945. It was financed from the monetary returns of a book containing selective stories from “Al-Ju’ba” (the Quiver) that the late Said Freiha, the founding father of Dar Assayad used to write for the flagship publication Assayad. Special contributions also came from Lebanese and Arab friends of Said Freiha, who wished to express their appreciation and as encouragement to his intrepidity in defending just causes which he advocated without fear or apprehension and for willing to take a principle stand where and when it was necessary.

Dar Assayad Today

Dar Assayad saw its early days in a tiny office, was transformed into a leading publishing house and a social establishment over seven decades. Yet this transformation was not solely in the interest of its owners but for the public interest as well. One can safely say that Dar Assayad is today a public rather than a private enterprise and a vital necessity with respect to Lebanon and the Arab World, a fact evidenced not by the claims of its owners and staff, but by the testimonials of so many personalities in Lebanon and the Arab World.
Dar Assayad celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1993, and in commemoration, Dar Assayad took pride in introducing its new updated logo, a move which keeping up with the times including all excitement such a step entails.
In 2013, Dar Assayad celebrated its 70 years and will be celebrating by 2018 its 75th Platinum Anniversary. It looks forward with hope and confidence to new centuries symbolized with further progress, development and prosperity not for itself only but for the whole Arab World, and stands proud as one of the very few establishments that work and subsist through self reliance and potential.

Dar Assayad’s Future

“From One Generation to Another” the motto of Dar Assayad is and will always be extending the lead to the future and beyond…