To daily “Asharq Alawsat”, on November 14, 1988, Mr. Freiha outlined that he stepped up the journalism tree from bottom to top, thanks to the work he used to do in the various departments of Dar Assayad, from printing to the administration. My father, may God have mercy upon him, used to secure the family with the greatest level of higher education, which he himself had been deprived of. Dar Assayad was, since the beginning, set up on solid, purely professional grounds. It was the only one, which proved that good journalism could dispense with any external support. He sees that whenever a journalist gives up his main profession in greed for practicing other responsibilities, he, by, this, completely obliterates his vocation. He clarified, in an answer, that he considered himself just a businessman for managing an institution of 900 employees and workers that supplied 900 families. Except that, he owns no other business, or company, or hotel, or even a small shop.